Sometimes  you just have to get from point A to B, or in this case it was more like point A to point E. After so many great adventures in Indonesia it was time for us to finally make it to Chiang Mai to start our real adventure of living in Thailand! So, we left Jogjakarta and flew to the capital city of Jakarta, Indonesia.

We had heard really bad things about Jakarta and that there was no reason to stay for any longer than you had to. (unless you wanted to see this) So, we decided to just fly in, stay a night at a cheap hotel near the airport, and fly out right away the next day to Bangkok.

Way back in early September when we first got to Bangkok we put everything that we didn’t need on the road in a storage unit. That meant that we couldn’t just go straight up to Chiang Mai, and instead had to leave the airport to get our stuff. We got into BKK airport in Bangkok around mid morning and then got a taxi down to the heart of the city to the storage place. Luckily our things were still there and I once again got to pick on Sarah for how much she had crammed into her suitcases (that being said, I assume it is much less than the average girl would bring…)

We had asked our cab driver to wait for us while we ran into the storage place but clearly our English had fallen on deaf ears. He had no idea that when we came back outside we would suddenly have 3 huge suitcases in tow.  His eyes got huge as he looked back and forth between his tiny car and our pile of bags/suitcases. After about 10 minutes of arranging we somehow got everything to fit and with the last bag going on my lap, we were off.

To make things interesting, our flight to Chiang Mai actually departed from the OTHER Bangkok airport so we had to go about 30 minutes through the city to get there. There was one “nice” thing about having to go to the DMK airport though….

Once we were sufficiently stuffed we boarded our last plane of the journey. After 3 flights in 5 airports in under 24 hours, we finally made it to Chiang Mai. It was time to see what our new city had in store for us!


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